The Internet Renaissance Band

License Agreement
Midi Files

These midi files and other files on these Web pages are the property of and copyrighted by Curtis Clark, and are subject to this liberal, fairly explicit, and somewhat lengthy license agreement, which you accept by using the files.

Licensed use

Like most software, these midi files remain the property of the author (Curtis Clark). You are licensed to use them according to the terms of this agreement, but you do not own them.

Composer's Rights, Performer's Rights

I have taken care to sequence only the music of long-dead composers, and to use sources that are faithful (to the best of my amateur knowledge) to the originals. It is my belief that the music itself is no longer under copyright protection and that I am infringing no one by making these files available. This license agreement refers only to the midi files, the information they contain, and the expression of that information in other formats, all of which I regard as my intellectual property (just as a performer would), and personal property (just as any software author would). If you want to find the sheet music and make your own midis, go for it.


Although I have taken care to see that they work, these midi files are not warranted to work on your system (or even on mine). You use them at your own risk. Please note that they are designed for the General Midi specification.

Personal Use

The files are free for personal use:
  1. You may use them on any machine that you own or control.
  2. You may alter or modify them, translate them into any other format, or record them on tape or any other audio medium (please note that you may not distribute a modified or translated file or a recording--see below).
  3. You may use the files as the basis of printed musical scores for your own use, as long as the scores will be neither given away, sold, performed for pay, published, nor otherwise distributed, and provided that all copies include the statement "Copyright © 1999 by Curtis Clark". Please keep in mind that a given midi may not accurately reproduce the original score, since notes may be shortened for articulation, repeats may be ornamented differently (or not at all) each time, etc.
  4. You may play the files for an audience if no admission or other fee is charged. (Who would pay to listen to midis, anyway?)
  5. You may place the files, either embedded or as links, on a web page, as long as you tell me about it, access to the page is free, you aren't selling anything with it, and you provide attribution and a link back to my site (please fill out this form).
  6. All use not adhering to these guidelines will be regarded as commercial use (see below).

Commercial Use

The files may be included in commercial web pages after securing my permission in advance. I will ordinarily expect some small compensation in cash or merchandise.

Use of a midi in a commercial web page without securing my permission is subject to a licensing fee of US$500 per year for each midi file used.

The midi files may be included in commercial software after securing my permission in advance. I will expect:

  1. Acknowledgment of the authorship of the files.
  2. Receipt of one (1) registerable full version of the software, to be used or given away as I see fit.
I may choose to withhold permission to include the files in software I deem objectionable (e.g., uncritical acceptance of racism, sexism, or the glorification of violence).

The licensing fee for midi files included in commercial software without securing my permission is US$10 per midi file for each copy of the software sold, or a flat fee of US$5000.

The files may be used to produce printed scores that will be sold, published, or distributed for free upon payment of a licensing fee of US$100 per midi file.

The files may not be used to produce audio recordings that will be sold, published, or distributed for free, nor may they be used in performances for which admission or other fee is charged, without my express written permission and payment of a negotiated fee. The license fee for producing such items without securing permission is US$10 per midi file for each copy sold, or a flat fee of US$5000.


The files may be distributed by individuals, bulletin board systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, "shareware libraries", etc., only after securing my permission in advance. The licensing fee for distributing the files without permission is US$500 per year for each midi file used.

The Internet Renaissance Band, consisting of its .html files, midi files, and other associated files, may be "mirrored", made available from a server connected to and accessible from the Internet, by http or any other protocol, upon payment of a fee of US$5000 per year, payable in advance.

For any uses not covered explicitly by this agreement, please contact me.

Curtis Clark
Biological Sciences
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona CA 91768

This license agreement is placed in the public domain. If you like it, snarf it.

Here is the philosophy behind this license agreement.