Passetyme with good cumpanye

Henry VIII Tudor

Passetyme with good cumpanye
I love and shall unto I dye;
Grugge so woll, but noon denye;
So God be pleeyd, this lyve woll I;
     For my passtaunce
     Hunte, syng and daunce;
     My hert ys sett
     All godely sport
     To my cumfort:
     Who shall me lett?

Youth woll have nedes dalyaunce,
Of good or yll some pastaunce;
Company me thynckyth then best
All thoftes and fantyses to dygest.
     For idelnes
     Ys cheff mastres
     Of vices all;
     Than who can say
     But passe-the-day
     Ys best of all?

Cumpany with honeste
Ys ven and vyce to flee;
Cumpany ys gode or yll,
But every man hath hys fre wyll.
     The best insew,
     The worst eschew,
     My mynde shall be;
     Vertu to use,
     Vyce to reffuse,
     Y shall use me.

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